Founding members Anthony Agostino, CPA and Tom Andrews, CPA are investing in Buffalo. Both grew up in Western New York and are actively involved in the community. "We are thrilled with the revitalization that has occurred in Buffalo and on the waterfront.  The recent resurgence and development has created a popular waterfront destination being enjoyed by thousands of people today as well as future generations to come.  We are happy to be part of it."

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Buffalo Boat Share, LLC

Amherst, NY 14226



We founded Buffalo Boat Share while looking for an affordable alternative to boat ownership.  We are boating enthusiasts and were looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of boating without all the hassles and expenses.  Truth is, this model is proven and widely used throughout the country.  The goal was to bring it to Buffalo, and revolutionize the way Western New Yorkers enjoy boating.  Members get a hassle-free recreational boating experience for far less than the normal cost of boat ownership. 

Our program is built for Buffalo and provides members with a 18 week share which covers the typical boating season from May - September. We focus on our member experience and utilization, giving each member plenty of boating opportunities. We accomplish this by maintaining a lower member-to-boat ratio.

Buffalo Boat Share welcomes and embraces a broad mix of members. We encourage new or experienced boaters, young families or active retirees, and anyone in between who is interested in boating. It's perfect for anyone who loves the water and water-related activities!  

We look forward to sharing with you.